Monday, April 01, 2019

What is Operating System ?

What is Operating System ?

Operating system

            Operating System: - It is a communication media between a user and a system computer. It makes an interaction between user and computer.
            Without any operating system a user cannot communicative his commands to the system.

Some Examples of operating system:-

·        M.S windows

·        M.S Dos

·        Linux

·        Ubuntu

·        Android

·        MacOS Sierra

M.S Windows

M.S windows: - M.S windows is a famous operating. It has been launched by an American Corporation called Microsoft in 1985.

            It makes an easy interaction between the user and system. M.S windows is a single user and multitasking operating system. It is early to understand and respond.

Part of Windows Startup Screen:-


जान के क्या करोगे ?

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