Sunday, October 06, 2019

Critical appreciation of Death be not proud.

Critical appreciation of Death be not proud.


Death be not proud also known as holy sonnet and this sonnet was written by John Donne.

John Donne was the famous metaphysical poet. the popularity of this poem lies in a unique subject. it was devotional as well as a warning to personified "death". using the metaphor of death, the poet argues that death is not permanent and it serves as an internal pathway to life here alter. he also has demonstrated the Christine, doctrine of resurrection and immortality of the soul calling death as an in the period. death be not proud of a representation poem of logic. Donne has represented death as a powerless figure. He denied the authority of death with logical reasoning. saying the death does not kill people. instead it liberates their souls and directs then to internal life. he does not consider it means invincible conguero instead of the calls it a poor fellow without having free will. the arrival of death is also compared with a short rest and sleep that reciprocates a person of the upcoming approach that gives the reader a new interpretation.


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