Saturday, October 05, 2019

Critical appreciation of Where the Mind is Without Fear.

Critical appreciation of where the mind is without fear.

Tagore expresses his love and feeling for his country in this poem hi presses to go to make his country perfect. he has many wishes for his country in his here he wants that the people should not have any kind of fear. the people should like their life with self-respect he wants that everybody sold get clean knowledge and the people will live together with unity. the mind of the people should be truthful and they sold constantly strive for perfection. the people should not become a slab of bad habits that people should have clarity of thought he also said that the world has not broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls of conservatism like stick it is in this by poet page for freedom for his country and also presents his dream of Ideal India. 

the poem has away from the reality and tries to establish and imaginary heaven the poem describes how we life fearlessly and probably it has also pointed out the cow jobs war between nation the borderline the poem where the mind is without fear is written in free verse without any rhyme scheme or weter followed thought the poem. it was originally composed in Bengali priority is 1900 under the title “Prathna”. Prathna meaning prayer.


जान के क्या करोगे ?

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